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Employers discriminating against women who may go onto have children

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A YouGov poll for the Young Women’s Trust has revealed that one in 10 (10 per cent) HR managers say they would be reluctant to hire a woman they thought may go on to start a family. While it is illegal to ask women whether they have children or plan to start a family during recruitment, one in […]

Workplace discrimination effects one in four employees in the UK

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Workplace discrimination has unfortunately been a thing since time began, but with more people than ever speaking out about how they have been discriminated against at work, why are the numbers still so high? Nearly one in four UK employees (23%) have said they have experienced an incident in the past 12 months where they […]

Companies are more likely to train male staff

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Businesses are nearly 20% more likely to send men on work-related training programmes compared to women, according to new findings. A study by the Knowledge Academy has revealed that women across Britain and Europe appear to be neglected in favour of male workers. The study compiled data from several institutions, including the National Institute of […]

Women fight back against Google after memo controversy

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More than 60 female employees at Google could be set to sue the internet titan over pay disparities, according to reports. The news follows the sacking of Google engineer James Damore, who was fired after writing a memo claiming that women were less likely to reach higher company positions due to ‘biological causes’. Despite dismissing […]

Majority of UK employers in the dark about how to handle gender pay gap reporting regulations

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Few UK employers are prepared to handle the requirements of the new gender pay gap reporting regulations coming into force in April this year, according to a new survey from XpertHR. The regulations will require all employers with 250 or more employees to measure and report their gender pay gaps for the first time. XpertHR […]

Three women transforming Britain’s work landscape

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With Global Workplace Analytics (GWA) finding that allowing employees to telecommute even half the time would save companies at least £7000 per employee per year, and numerous studies illustrating the widespread benefits of a diverse workforce, three women in particular have had the chance to reflect on the evolution of working life in the UK. […]

Research highlights gender discrimination following childbirth

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More than half of British mothers feel they have been held back at work after having children compared to less than a quarter of fathers, according to a new survey that reveals the extent of gender discrimination in the workplace. One in five mothers claimed to have been passed over for promotion and one in […]

Recruitment firm Matching Models demands ‘attractive’ women for PA jobs

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High-end recruitment firm Matching Models has come under scrutiny recently for listing unconventional requirements in its job postings. The firm hires PAs, hospitality staff, receptionists and flight attendants along with models and staff to run promotions for wealthy clients. It claims to find “ideal candidates” that are “skilled and attractive”. One listing for a PA/private […]

New study suggests women do ask for a pay rise but don’t get it

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New research from Cass Business School, the University of Warwick and the University of Wisconsin shows that women ask for a pay rise just as often as men, but men are 25% more likely to get a one when they ask. Using a randomly chosen sample of 4600 workers across more than 800 employers, the […]

Men 40% more likely than women to be promoted in management roles, widening gender pay gap

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Research released by the Chartered Management Institute and XpertHR reveals that men are more likely than women to have been promoted into senior and higher paying management roles in the past year, with no progress made on reducing the 23% gender pay gap. The data reveal that male managers are 40% more likely than female […]

New mums harassed at work over flexible hours

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According to research commissioned by the government, three quarters of pregnant women and new mothers have experienced discrimination at work, with one in nine losing their job as a result. The Guardian reports that the research found there has been a huge spike in pregnancy discrimination since 2005, when only 45% of women said they […]