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Do you suffer from ‘gymtimidation’?

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One in four women suffer from “gymtimidation”- shying away from exercise for fear of being judged, a study has found. Almost half of women have at some point felt negatively judged when working out – with this number highest for those aged 18-24, with a huge 70 per cent feeling this way. Thirty-seven per cent […]

PA Life Club: Penelope Alice visits The Hari of Knightsbridge

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We sent Penelope Alice in search of adventure in the heart of Knightsbridge to an event held by The Hari Hotel and Travel Leaders.   On arrival at the venue, I was greeted by a glass of prosecco by the doorman as I entered the main reception area. The room was light and airy with a […]

Do you over exaggerate your weekends at work?

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Every Friday when you leave work, you dream of having that perfect weekend, that two day holiday that will go down through the ages. So when Monday finally rolls around and all you’ve done is lay in bed and wasted the last two days doing absolutely nothing, of course, you don’t want to tell your […]

Brits are a bunch of fitness amateurs

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Britain is a nation of wannabe PTs, offering out amateur fitness advice to colleagues, friends and family with no professional expertise to base it on, according to new research. Almost two thirds admit to providing amateur fitness advice to friends and family Workplaces up and down the country are most susceptible to this kind of […]

Fitness fanatics outline tips to keep up with exercise plans

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Fitness enthusiasts have thought up a series of new rules to stop them from backing out of exercising, a new report has found. Going to bed no later than 9.44pm, going to the gym first thing in the morning, having three sets of exercise clothes and telling someone else about your plans are among some […]