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Could other threats hit businesses while COVID-19 dominates the rick agenda? 

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Healix Risk Oracle report for 2021 identifies key risks beyond the pandemic. There’s no question what has occupied the majority of attention for risk managers during 2020. But international risk management and assistance expert, Healix International, believes the all-consuming consequences of the pandemic could leave governments and employers exposed to other risks in 2021. The […]

The steps employers can take to ensure employees are prepared for re-opening

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Around the globe countries are steadily relaxing the most stringent lockdown measures. But for employers there are a myriad of concerns. Preparing for the return to work can be a daunting task, as no person or organisation has ever navigated a situation like this one before. The primary goal is a return to operations that […]

Rugby World Cup 2019: A corporate travel conundrum?

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Healix International highlights some of the risks businesses should account for when sending travellers to Japan… In an age where the Far East doesn’t seem so far, over 400,000 visitors from across the globe are set to descend on Japan for the Rugby World Cup this September. Among these will be die-hard rugby fans lucky […]