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Brits enjoy one of the best work-life balances on the planet – new report

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The UK offers one of the best work-life balances in the world according to a new study by office designers, Diamond Interiors, with typical British office workers getting among the best deals when it comes to working hours and annual leave allocations. Exploring the typical work-life of employees both pre and during the pandemic, the study […]

It’s coming home – and we’re staying home! Holiday requests spike during Euro 2020

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Holiday record data from HR tech company, Breathe, has revealed the number of people who booked today off in anticipation of England winning its football match last night and going into Sunday’s final. Holiday requests spiked during and after last Saturday’s match in anticipation of winning last night (and needing today off) and going into Sunday’s […]

How to manage staff holiday leave this summer

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Advice by Alan Price, CEO of BrightHR… There’s a lot to consider when managing your staff’s annual leave, but what do you do when multiple people want to book the same time off? This is common at popular times of the year, such as Christmas and during the Summer. And it’s likely to be a bigger […]

Do you suffer at work when your kids are sick? You’re not alone

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Parents are paying the price for taking time off work to look after sick or injured children in the shape of extra costs, cancelled holidays, unpaid leave and increased stress. New research from MetLife UK shows 76% parents taking time off work to care for children in the past two years say it has had […]

How to double your days off in 2019

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We all know the benefits of a healthy work-life balance by now: Improved mental and physical wellbeing, a better social life, increased creativity, productivity, job satisfaction and more. But with a quarter of Brits working more than 40 hours a week, we still have a long way to go. According to a survey by PaymentSense, 38 per […]