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      How to banish post-holiday blues from the workplace

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      By David Price, Health Assured CEO and workplace wellbeing expert It’s summer, and it’s time to get away. Everyone’s jetting off to faraway climes—whether you enjoy the blazing sunshine or the Arctic blizzards, it’s the time of year to get away, relax and take your mind off work for a couple of weeks. Thing is, […]

      44% of Brits not using their holiday allowance

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      23% ended their last working year with more than 5 days holiday not taken. Forty-four per cent of Brits aren’t using their full holiday allowance, according to new data from tombola. A survey of the nation exposed the depth of the problem, with respondents citing that they are too busy at work or don’t have anywhere […]

      Has your business got ‘Lazy Day’ covered?

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      By ActivAbsence In the UK and worldwide, we are a fan of taking up the holidays produced by our American cousins. With most of the world now celebrating Halloween and who can forget the sales on Black Friday? However, the latest celebration that has swept the USA that we think could take on the world […]

      UK employees struggle to ‘switch off’ from work on holiday

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      British workers still feel like they have to work on holiday, with one third admitting they can only completely shut off when they go on a long-haul trip. A poll of 2,000 employees discovered that one in five are more likely to answer calls from the office or respond to emails if they are close […]

      Brits are losing £1.3b in unused annual leave

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      More than six million full time workers are clocking up £1.3 billion a year in unused annual leave. Employees are losing out on the days they failed to take this year, with 27% forgoing an average of two days’ holiday as their annual leave calendars reset at the end of the year.New research based on […]