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      Masterclass in Preparedness – Getting ready to return to work after COVID

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      With lockdown easing up and the prospect of returning to work causing many to feel anxious — due to spending the last three months being told to stay at home, respect social distancing and losing touch with a work routine — it’s vital for workplaces to evaluate the best ways to re-introduce staff successfully and […]

      How To: Write a redundancy letter

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      By Andrew Willis, Head of Legal at employment law and HR consultancy, Croner Letters are the primary way of keeping employees in the know regarding redundancy. The UK employment law requires you to issue letters at all stages throughout the process. But how do you start writing such an important letter? And what should you include in each […]

      Halloween HR nightmares

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      It’s that spooky time of year where we all dress up and pretend to be demons and ghouls in order to try and scare each other until we can no longer sleep at night. But for those that work in HR, the things that go bump in the night are nothing when compared to the […]

      One in five workers still haven’t been given a company GDPR policy by HR

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      2018 has been the year of GDPR – the four letters that have pestered businesses around the country for the best part of six months now. Yet, most of us still haven’t been taught what we can and can’t do in regards to the new GDPR rules. A new study has found that almost one in […]

      How to succeed in HR

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      HR isn’t an easy job, it’s about learning the rules and making sure people stick to them, this however also involves a degree of human understanding. To be good at the job often means you aren’t always liked but the consequences of being bad at the job can have devastating effects on a company.  Recently published […]

      Why generational stereotypes could harm your business

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      When HR decisions are based on these false generational stereotypes everyone loses out, what we have seen in recent times are more false ‘facts’ about the millennial generation. These stereotypes can cause employers to make decisions which could do more harm to their business than good.  Stereotypes about generational differences are one of the most […]

      Recruiters say ‘Achieving Diversity Targets’ is their biggest challenge

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      Last year, the number of graduates hired by organisations featured in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers fell by 4.9% – the first drop in graduate recruitment for five years and the biggest annual fall recorded since 2009. so far in 2018, the outlook is cautiously optimistic, with graduate recruitment among the country’s top employers […]

      Employee recruitment at risk through pension planning fears

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      A rising number of employees working past traditional retirement age could affect a company’s ability to recruit new talent, according to a study by consultancy company Portus. As more people can’t afford to retire into their 60s and beyond, 41% of HR executives believe companies will struggle to recruit and retain new staff. 1.19 million […]