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2024 Inclusive Awards are open for entries for the 10th year

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The 2024 Inclusive Awards – organised by Inclusive Companies – are open for entries from workplaces for the 10th year. The prestigious Inclusive Awards include eight categories that recognise individuals and organisations who have gone above and beyond to achieve true diversity, inclusion, equality and equity in their workplace. The awards showcase the most ingenious, […]

Why are trans visible for the wrong reasons?

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Inclusive Culture Expert, Joanne Lockwood, CEO & Founder of SEE Change Happen talks about the International Trans Visibility Day on March 31st and why trans are visible for the wrong reasons. Observed on March 31st every year, Transgender Visibility Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the transgender community and the issues we face in […]

Discrimination in hiring processes experienced by half of job hunters

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Global HR and payroll company Remote surveyed 1,250 hiring managers and business owners across the UK, US, Canada, Germany, and France to learn more about the role of diversity and inclusion in order to avoid discrimination in today’s hiring processes. Inclusive hiring practices are crucial to the success of any organization. They have a significant […]

The Eastside Rooms: A welcome outlook for meetings and events in 2023

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The Eastside Rooms predicts the events and meetings trends for 2023 and sees the year as The Great Evolution. “The last two years can probably be characterised in similarly sweeping terms; 2021, The Great Return; 2022, The Great Demand. For us at the Eastside Rooms 2023 could be defined as The Great Evolution. But it […]

 LGBTQ+: Pride and Pronouns – What’s All The Fuss About?

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Ahead of the Pride celebration in June, it’s a good time to look at Pronouns and why getting it right matters. By Joanne Lockwood, founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen and a Diversity & Inclusion Specialist and also promotes Transgender Awareness to organisations. If a pronoun is quite simply a way to refer to […]

HOW TO: Create an inclusive workplace post-coronavirus

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By Binna Kandola, Senior Partner and Co-Founder at business psychology firm Pearn Kandola Inclusivity is an essential component in any workplace. It allows employees to experience a shared sense of belonging, which, in turn, enables them to feel comfortable, confident and inspired. An inclusive workplace is one that effectively incorporates differences without eliminating them and […]