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How to avoid mistakes when using LinkedIn

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There is a real difference between having LinkedIn and using LinkedIn, says Annie Walton Doyle, who writes for Inspiring Interns. Here she explains why it is crucial to make the most of your online profile and what mistakes people should look out for. LinkedIn is one of the largest growing job sites today. Not only […]

12 things to remove from your CV

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Annie Walton Doyle, from Inspiring Interns, shares her thoughts on what candidates should remove from their CV to land their dream job 1. A ‘career objective’ If you’re using your CV to apply for a job, it’s pretty obvious your immediate aim. And adding in some faraway goal is unlikely to make you seem ambitious […]

Six clichés to avoid on your CV

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There are certain buzzwords and turns of phrase that have recruiters everywhere grinding their teeth. Remember, these people have to sift through hundreds of CVs and cover letters before narrowing things down to a handful of applicants, so they tend to read the same tired old clichés over and over. Claiming to be a ‘team […]