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    Seven ways to stay motivated while working from home

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    With most of the country on strict lockdown and no prospect of returning to the office any time soon, 2021 is playing out like much of last year. People all over the country are understandably frustrated and tired. With uncertainty around the future and remote working continuing for most, staying motivated at work is crucial […]

    REVEALED: The world’s hardest-working countries

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    New research has placed Mexico at the top of the list for most hours worked, with employees in the country putting in 2137 hours annually. This is followed by Costa Rica, at 2059.6 hours a year, Korea at 1967 hours a year, and Greece at 1949 hours a year. At the other end of the scale, Denmark, Germany and Norway have the […]

    Major global cities see air pollution increases post-lockdown

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    As the world slowly revolves back to normality, some cities are still benefitting from lockdown-related improvements to air quality, while others are slipping back into a haze. That’s according to new research collated by Global Workspace Provider Instant Offices, which revealed air pollution has increased six out of the top fifteen major cities since June. […]

    Describe yourself as a ‘thought leader’ on LinkedIn? You’re probably a man

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    Six out of every ten people globally who describe themselves as a thought leader on LinkedIn is a man. That’s according to research from Instant Offices, which says of all the profiles analysed, 63% of thought leader profiles belonged to men compared to 37% of women, with the results leaning heavily towards men across virtually […]

    7 in 10 UK workers embrace working from home as the ‘New Norm’

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    With businesses across the world seeing the tangible benefits of a mobile workforce over the last few months, returning to the office may become temporary as working from home potentially becomes a new way of working. That’s according to research collated by Instant Offices, which carried out research to see which countries are currently leading […]

    UK Businesses Could Pay Up to £250,000 of Annual Leave Post-COVID-19

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    As employees return to work, UK businesses are likely to face a backlog of annual leave requests that could cost thousands of pounds. By collecting data and analysing the average monthly salary at a baseline at £2,214 and at least 50% of employee annual leave owed, Coworking Specialists Instant Offices has calculated how much it […]

    Half of businesses plan to reduce their carbon footprint

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    Boffins at Instant Offices have been crunching the numbers on how the current climate is sparking a change in the way businesses and their workers interact with the environment every day. For many companies, the pressure to change is coming from all sides. In Europe, 25% of businesses cite government regulations as their least favorable […]

    Coronavirus: Why employers need to do more to tackle presenteeism

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    In the last decade, presenteeism – the act of working more hours than required – has tripled in the UK with more than 4 in 5 people observing it compared to just a quarter in 2010. As coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to spread, both within the UK and globally, employers should be discouraging, and tackling, ‘presenteeism’ […]

    50% of women avoid asking for a pay rise

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    2019 UK wages saw the fastest rise in just over a decade, increasing by 3.9% in just three months, but research collated by Instant Offices reveals that women are still less likely to ask for a pay rise as less than half (43%) often feel ‘uncomfortable’ doing so.  One-third of women state they believe they are over qualified […]

    Working mums: ‘We want more flexibility in the workplace’

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    Women are a key part of a growing contingent workforce of freelancers, consultants and part-timers. Despite numerous government policies to attract more mothers back into the workplace, retention is still a significant struggle. To find out why this is the case, John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices, explores how employers can tackle retention issues […]