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      Will you be working until you’re 68?

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      Brit workers expect to be physically capable of doing their jobs until past their 68th birthday. That’s beyond the age they can start claiming the State Pension, even when it is extended to 67 by 2028. Almost a third (31 per cent) believe they could work into their 70s and beyond with one in 14 confident […]

      Increase in ‘gagging orders’ for pregnancy related discrimination cases

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      Despite parents being protected from unfair treatment during pregnancy and maternity or paternity leave by The Equality Act 2010, many employers may be flouting the law.  According to research from Direct Line Life Insurance, in the last 12 months more than two thirds (71 per cent) of employment law professionals reported an increase in disputes where […]

      Britain’s overtime culture ‘putting lives at risk at the wheel’

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      A survey of British workers has exposed how the UK’s overtime culture is putting drivers at risk at the wheel, owing to poor sleep, pressure to respond quickly and stress and distraction.  The research1 by business insurer NFU Mutual found that more than a third of people who work full or part time in the UK […]

      Business travel urged over ‘impulsive divestment’ concerns

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      Business travel spending shot up by 30% in 2015, but following the divisive and ever-shifting landscape of 2016, companies have been left in a difficult situation. The Collinson Group has released advice covering the key aspects of business travel and how to reduce risks abroad in a time of increasing civil unrest around the world. […]