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IWD2019: Which countries are supporting working mothers best?

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With studies showing that as many working women have children, as those who don’t, it is clear that a large percentage of women are juggling careers with motherhood. And recent research from Catalyst shows women account for 40 per cent or more of the total labour force in several countries, making flexible working hours, extended maternal leave, […]

IWD2019: Six ways to help bridge the gender pay gap in the UK

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A new study by TUC suggests the average woman work for ‘for free’ for the first two months of the year as it has been revealed there is a whopping 17.9 per cent difference in earnings between women and men. The UK’s gender gap has fallen to its lowest level ever for full-time employees at 8.6 per cent, according […]

IWD2019: Gender diversity isn’t a quota tick, it’s critical for profit

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Hephzi Pemberton, Founder of Equality Group, busts three of the most common diversity myths inhibiting diversity in businesses… Diversity isn’t a luxury: it’s good for business. So why don’t more companies reap the rewards? The following three misconceptions can get in the way of embracing change and dispelling them is a vital step in ensuring diversity at all levels.  MYTH […]

IWD2019: Catalyst launches #BiasCorrect campaign to tackle Unconscious Bias

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Catalyst, the leading global non-profit focused on creating workplaces that work for women, is marking International Women’s Day by launching a bold campaign to tackle one of the biggest gender equality issues in the workplace: unconscious gender bias. The new campaign, which features women from diverse industries,aims to shine a light on the power of […]