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    Lockdown: Why it’s more important than ever for senior teams to be visible

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    PA Life spoke to Tom Baigrie, founder and CEO of the UK’s leading life insurance broker, LifeSearch, which employs 500 staff across the UK. With teams spread around the country while keeping safe during the pandemic , it’s more important than ever for senior people to lead from the top, to ensure that morale as […]

    From boardroom to living room: Why the current crisis is forcing a shift to remote board meetings

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    By Paul Stark, UK Director, Passageways With countries around the globe finding themselves in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of UK businesses have had to relocate to the safety of their employees’ homes to conduct their operations remotely. For some companies, it continues to be business as usual, however boards are coming […]

    Coronavirus: Quarter of bosses still to address staff on Covid-19 crisis

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    A quarter of UK bosses (27 per cent) have failed to address their staff via video conference to update them on the implications of the Covid-19 crisis. The news comes as projections suggest a surge in UK unemployment figures, with over half a million workers signing-on for universal credit. The polling forms part of a […]

    Coronavirus: Top tips for protecting your business & staff

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    The news at the moment about COVID-19 is very alarming, and for many our anxiety levels are on high alert which in the long term can be at the expense of our mental and physical health. So what can businesses do to help ease anxiety and panic and to deal with the current economic uncertainties? […]

    2020 workplace predictions

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    By Nicole Alvino, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Office, SocialChorus The battle against “fake news” in the workplace will come to a head In 2019, we saw the proliferation of “fake news” spill out of the political sphere and make its way into organisations. Companies are now battling new frontiers we’ve never seen before – from the […]

    Stress and poor leadership impacting workplace creativity

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    The UK’s workforces are being creatively stifled because of high pressure and a lack of leadership skills, a new study has found. A study of 1,000 workplaces published in Thinking On Your Feet, a report by the commercial arm of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, RADA Business, has found that almost half (41%) of UK workplaces implement practises that […]

    Women more ‘naturally’ suited to leadership

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    Women in the workplace are more likely to outperform their male counterparts when in leadership positions, according to new research at the BI Norwegian Business School. Examining the personality traits of around 3,000 managers, the results revealed that female leaders regularly scored higher than men in four out of the five categories studied. Women on […]

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