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Employers ‘could face more tribunals’ when the furlough scheme ends

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Experts have warned of an increased risk of litigation, as the number of redundancies are expected to rise when the furlough scheme ends in September. Outplacement specialist Renovo has called on businesses to be mindful of how they conduct the redundancy process and to provide support for those made redundant quickly, in order to decrease […]

Reviewing business contracts: Why it’s never been so important

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With the Coronavirus pandemic leading to significant changes in legislation across a range of sectors and people throughout the country being impacted, businesses and business owners should take the time to look into the processes they have in place. Phil Parkinson (pictured), Head of Commercial Law at Blacks Solicitors, discusses why it’s never been so […]

Top Tips: Navigating redundancy for your business during Covid-19

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By Kelly Feehan, Service Director at CABA, the wellbeing charity The economic fallout from covid-19 has hit the UK hard, and the country, along with much of the rest of the world, is now thought to be entering its worst recession in 300 years. This will have a huge impact on businesses and organisations across […]

How To: Write a redundancy letter

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By Andrew Willis, Head of Legal at employment law and HR consultancy, Croner Letters are the primary way of keeping employees in the know regarding redundancy. The UK employment law requires you to issue letters at all stages throughout the process. But how do you start writing such an important letter? And what should you include in each […]

Where do I stand when my manager gives me an unethical request?

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Being asked to carry out something that may not necessarily adhere to company rules or even within the law is an ethical dilemma that has surprisingly crossed the path of many PAs during their working lifetime.   Recently the government announced plans to survey workers’ feelings towards their managers to improve job quality and security, […]

The changing role of legal PAs

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The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs (ILSPA) has published its thoughts on the changing role of legal assistants, revealing PAs are now required to have more involvement with senior management tasks. As part of the annual Career Legal review of the legal market, 2018’s review also discovered that PAs in big-city law firms are […]