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MPs demand end to pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

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The Women and Equalities Committee has published its submission to the Government’s consultation on pregnancy and maternity discrimination protections. In it, the Committee calls for an end to what it calls ‘shocking stories of workplace discrimination and of the emotional, physical and financial impact on women’. In August 2016, the Committee published a major report […]

New mothers need more than just employment protection, says The Clear Company

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New mothers don’t just need employment protection while on maternity leave; they also need support to transition back into work, according to diversity consultancy The Clear Company. In light of recent reports from The Women and Equalities Committee and calls from MPs to address the discrimination pregnant women and new mothers face at work, The […]

5 ways expectant mothers can avoid discrimination at work

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) reports that mothers under the age of 25 are six times more likely to be let go after telling their employer about their pregnancy. It’s a huge issue the commission is currently battling, but there are steps expectant mothers can take to avoid discrimination at work, according to […]

Discrimination against new mums on the rise

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Back in March, the Government released a report that found pregnant women face harassment at work. Now Citizens Advice says the number of women seeking help on pregnancy and maternity issues is on the rise, with some new mums reporting being put on zero-hours contracts or forced out of their jobs. The charity says there […]

New mums harassed at work over flexible hours

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According to research commissioned by the government, three quarters of pregnant women and new mothers have experienced discrimination at work, with one in nine losing their job as a result. The Guardian reports that the research found there has been a huge spike in pregnancy discrimination since 2005, when only 45% of women said they […]