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Mental Health Week

‘Normalise different’ and have a mental health safety net for a successful return to the workplace

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Ahead of Mental Health Week on May 10th-16th, Christine Husbands, managing director at RedArc discusses the potential for the forthcoming return to work to induce further anxieties amongst staff… Employers will only truly understand the magnitude of the post-pandemic mental health toll on their employees when they start recalling staff back to the workplace. Our conversations with […]

How you can reduce stress in the workplace – top tips

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As Mental Health Week comes to a close for this year, top tips on minimising stress in the workplace has emerged. In 2017, 74 per cent of the British public admitted they have felt so stressed that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope according to recent research by Mental Health Foundation. According to Deloitte, […]

One fifth of UK workers ‘mask stress as a physical illness’

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Stress (21%), anxiety (18%) and/or depression (20%) are among the real reason that UK employees call in sick – despite claiming to have a physical health problem – according to research from wellbeing provider BHSF to mark Mental Health Awareness Week (May 14th-20th). In total 42% of employees (from 1,001 full time workers surveyed) have called in sick […]

Personal stylist Lauren Manville to offer advice during Mental Health Week event

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Personal stylist Lauren Manville will be speaking along with other well-being practitioners at an event for NatWest Boost during Mental Health Week (May 14th-24th). The event takes place on May 15th at NatWest, 250 Bishopsgate in London and Manville has provided few tips in advance on how to avoid burn out an lift spirits. As we know, […]