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Why work friendships matter more than you think 

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New research shows that 40% of the British workforce lack workplace friendships. Andrew Jackson and David Tinker from Rethinkly discuss the importance of communication in the workplace, why work friendships matter and how companies can prioritise wellbeing.  Decision makers and HR teams are being encouraged to improve colleague connections as the country moves into a […]

Office romances on the rocks in the era of WFH

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Office romances and friendships could be on the rocks as workers continue to spend more time at home than in the office, with over a fifth (22%) of UK workers revealing that they met their partner or spouse at work and 78% making lasting personal relationships. That’s according to research conducted by VenueScanner among 1,000 office […]

Almost half of office workers have had a workplace romance – and a fifth of them are still together

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More than one in five office staff have had three or more flings with people they work with on a day-to-day basis. But on average, office romances last for just over 10 months before coming to an end. Most people get passionate with someone on the same rung of the career ladder as themselves, but […]