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What kind of employee are you? Zodiac signs of workers could play a role

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Do you know your colleagues’ zodiac signs? It might be worth asking colleagues what star sign they are, as research by Furniture at Work has revealed the most and least compatible signs to work with. According to the research Taurus and Aquarius are the least compatible in the workplace. On the other hand, Aries and […]

Office Workers from these industries waste the most working hours

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In April 2022, 23% of UK businesses reported they were either already using, or were planning to implement remote working permanently in their business models. Curious to find out whether home workers are more productive than those who work at the office, experts at Reboot Link Building Company conducted a UK survey of 5,265 people to discover […]

Employees could be missing out on £4,785 a year from extra hours working from home

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87% of UK workers want to keep some level of home working after the COVID-19 pandemic, despite over half (52%) saying they work extra hours. According to a survey carried out by furniture ecommerce site Furniture at Work, (30%) people said that they work an extra three-four hours a week when working from home, with nearly half (45%) saying they do over five hours extra. Only 1% of those […]

Office workers feel more productive and happier after being outdoors

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New research has revealed that office workers feel more productive and in a better mood after being in the great outdoors. Productivity improved by 45 per cent from being outside for just 29 minutes – and 63 per cent feel better ‘in themselves’ after spending time in fresh air, according to the 2,000 office staff […]

One third of office workers expected to work on Christmas Day

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Office workers may not be able to enjoy the festive break, with new research revealing one third expect to log on to work and check emails on Christmas Day. The research, which was carried out by TLF Research for tech firm eShare, found that 20 per cent of those interviewed said they will log on […]