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      PA Profile: Adam Fidler

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      “There are many people out there doing EA roles. There are 3.2 million in the UK alone doing admin roles and secretarial work, with 10 million working in positions that require admin skills to support their main job. In 2015, 20% of new UK roles were in ‘admin’ and over the next five years 1.2 […]

      PA profile: Libby Moore

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      A few years ago Libby Moore ventured on a new journey she called ‘The Libby Moore Gypsy Tour’, which consisted of 365 days with no plan at all – other than to simply follow her heart. Fast forward to the here and now and she is a private coach, speaker, connector and mentor to high […]

      PA profile: Samantha Cox

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      I met Bristol-born Samantha Cox back in May this year when she flew into London to host a headline Keynote Q&A at office* 2016 and talk about her experience as former EA to Sir Richard Branson. I arrive early at the London Pullman St Pancras, our destination for today’s shoot, to ensure that every requirement […]

      PA profile: Amy Marsden

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      “I’d always wanted to work in finance,” says Amy Marsden. “It’s quite difficult to get work in finance as a PA; these are the jobs that people always want because they are well paid, demanding, varied and there is seemingly prestige with legal and finance PAs. As corporate goes, they are the type of roles […]

      PA profile: Neftali Karlsson

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      “Ever since I was young, I saw my dad packing his bags, going away, coming back and going away again as he was working on major offshore projects across the globe. There’s probably not one place he hasn’t been to and he always used to bring back exotic and fascinating souvenirs. I soon realised that […]

      Presidential EA shares experience of a lifetime

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      It’s not every day you get a call from the office of the former President of the United States asking if you’d like to come work for him. Luckily for Peggy Grande, just such a call was the catalyst for a lifetime worth of amazing experiences. Peggy is the former Executive Assistant to Ronald Reagan […]

      PA profile: Judith Croasdell

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      I meet Judith at her house in Cambridge four days before Christmas, writes Amelia Walker. The colourful and eclectic interiors reflect Judith to a tee – her life decorating the walls through unique art, photographs and tie-dye throws and cushions from her far-flung travels. We settle ourselves in, cups of tea and Christmas cake to […]