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Working from Home with Kids (Round Two) – Advice for Parents

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As the reality of the next few months sinks in, more parents once again face the hardships of home schooling and home working. Working from home is tough. Home schooling is very tough. So, if you must combine the two for a long period of time, how are you going to cope? Jonathan Ratcliffe from […]

The most embarrassing moments for parents at Christmas

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Children crying on Santa’s knee has topped a poll of the most embarrassing moments for parents at Christmas. Other cringeworthy events include youngsters telling a relative they don’t like their present, asking them how much it cost, or opening the wrong gift. The poll of 2,000 parents revealed 15 per cent of youngsters told someone […]

Aren’t able to relax until after 8.30pm? You’re not alone

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Busy parents juggling work, chores and children don’t get the chance to relax until 8:39pm. A study of 2,000 mums and dads found keeping the kids entertained, cooking meals and clearing up after the family mean they don’t get to sit down and unwind until late in the evening. Cleaning the kitchen, making sure children are […]