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      UK unemployment lowest since 1975 as pay growth ‘erodes’

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      Unemployment rates have dropped to the lowest point in 42 years, according to official statistics. The number of those out of the job aged 16 and over has dropped to 4.4%, the lowest since May 1975. Despite the drop in unemployment, the earnings of those in work still fell by 0.5%, according to the Office […]

      Brits would change jobs after a jackpot win

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      More than five million UK workers would look for a new job if money was no longer a factor, according to reports. Studies by Wink Slots as part of the Working After Winning Report revealed that 11% of Brits would retrain for new positions if they were to win big in the lottery, suggesting that […]

      FTSE 100 CEO pay decreases but gap remains between employees and top earners

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      Analysis of FTSE 100 CEO pay packages shows that rewards at the top have dropped by almost a fifth, but the slow-down isn’t enough to close the gap between the average employee and executives. The annual assessment carried out by the CIPD and the High Pay Centre shows that the average FTSE 100 CEO now […]

      PAs desire to feel valued

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      Contrary to our own Twitter poll that shows colleagues are the most important aspect of a job, the new Hays What Workers Want Report 2017 reveals PAs are heavily influenced by pay when deciding whether to stay in a job or accept a new one. PAs value pay to ensure they are adequately compensated for […]

      How to talk about pay at work

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      With the BBC releasing the salaries of its highest-paid stars, the hot topic of the moment is whether people should feel free to discuss their pay with their colleagues. A recent Twitter poll revealed 53% of PA Life readers think remuneration should be kept private, but those who thought it was acceptable feel quite strongly. […]

      Publishing CEO pay could create fairer UK wages

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      Consulting company Mercer believes CEOs should compare their pay to the UK living wage in attempts to create a fairer working environment. The statement comes following the UK government’s review on corporate governance, which aims to produce a direct comparison in pay between an employee and their CEO. While they hope to address concerns of […]

      The more you burn, the more you earn, says Buyagift research

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      What do Ariana Huffington, Barack Obama, Tim Cook and Richard Branson have in common? Aside from being successful beyond most people’s wildest dreams, they exercise daily. Not only that, but most of them exercise before the rest of the world has even stirred from slumber, according to Buyagift. Buyagift looked closely at 12 of the […]

      Britain’s workforce reveal bad spending habits leaving them caught short until January payday

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      With another expensive Christmas period behind us, a new survey reveals the bad spending habits leaving Brits struggling to survive from an early December payday until their first wage of the new year. 10,000 people in the UK were asked by finance specialist Solution Loans which reckless spending behaviour they were guilty of – and […]

      Brits worry about their finances on payday

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      Research released to mark National Stress Awareness Day yesterday reveals how the nation’s emotional relationship with personal finances is downright weird. The findings counter intuitively show that the week the nation is most flush with cash is also the week the nation starts getting financially stressed, with nearly a quarter (24%) starting to have feelings […]

      UK among worst in Europe for sick pay

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      The UK and Ireland offer the worst pay for time off sick across Europe, new research has shown. In fact, the amount of mandatory sick pay available to workers in the UK for a week of sick leave totals just £35.96 – and nothing at all in Ireland. Through a combination of low sick pay […]