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    Pearn Kandola

    Why we need more compassion in the workplace

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    By Jonathan Taylor, Managing Psychologist at leading D&I consultancy Pearn Kandola More than ever, employees are combating increased levels of stress and anxiety. The past year and a half has had a profound effect on people’s wellbeing. Employers need to be closely attuned to how this might manifest in the workplace and what support is […]

    HOW TO: Create an inclusive workplace post-coronavirus

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    By Binna Kandola, Senior Partner and Co-Founder at business psychology firm Pearn Kandola Inclusivity is an essential component in any workplace. It allows employees to experience a shared sense of belonging, which, in turn, enables them to feel comfortable, confident and inspired. An inclusive workplace is one that effectively incorporates differences without eliminating them and […]

    Taking pride in inclusion: How to measure LGBT+ inclusivity in the workplace

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    By Ashley Williams, Psychologist at business psychology firm Pearn Kandola An inclusive workplace culture is one that effectively incorporates differences without eliminating them, and in which people flourish individually and unite as a high performing team. It’s the magic ingredient that allows employees to thrive and grow within their role. An inclusive culture not only […]

    How to turn increased diversity awareness into progress in the workplace

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    Ashley Williams, business psychologist at Pearn Kandola and expert in LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion, shares her advice for employers considering how to do the right thing…. The simple fact that conversation around pronouns is picking up momentum is extremely positive. Misgendering a person can be hurtful, even if accidental, and therefore normalising the act of considering the pronouns […]

    How will hybrid working affect the UK workforce?

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    By Stuart Duff, Partner and Head of Development at Pearn Kandola    The Covid-19 pandemic has been the biggest disruptor to the global workforce since the Industrial Revolution. The advent of mass remote working – as the norm – over the past year has enabled our work and home lives to coexist in ways which were unimaginable […]

    New research reveals hidden workplace divide caused by UK furlough scheme

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    Research by business psychology firm Pearn Kandola has revealed the severe impact the UK Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has had on the workforce, which it says raises concerns about a hidden workplace divide as furloughed employees return to work. The study, which surveyed over 500 employees across the UK, 253 of whom had been […]

    Why leaders must practise mindfulness

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    By Stuart Duff, Head of Development at business psychologists Pearn Kandola and author of the iLead book series There’s a lot of conversation in the modern workplace about the importance of mental health, and even more so at the moment. But while many employers are going to great lengths to protect the wellbeing of their […]

    The psychology of change: Five useful tips for implementing and surviving change at work

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    By Stuart Duff, Head of Development, Pearn Kandola We are all under constant pressure to change, whether that’s changing our work practices, changing habits that are no longer helpful or simply keeping up with new ways of working and living. In the workplace, we are invariably having to change our routines or adapt to changing […]