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Managers lack confidence when talking to employees about informal issues

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New research shows that there is a key correlation between manager confidence and organisational performance, so this is an important area to address. The study reveals the seven dimensions of performance enablement and formula for success. Research released in August reveals that HR leaders are less confident in managers’ ability to hold effective conversations around […]

Spying on employees doesn’t work, good management is key to good performance

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Staff retention and the overall performance of businesses are not improved by management spying on the employee, so replace it with good management, says ActiveOps. Spying is on the up and webcam monitoring has more than doubled according to recent research covering a third of UK workers. Bosses and business owners are using surveillance tools […]

You perform better at work if it’s fun or hard work

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Making your work more playful and seeking challenges in your job increases performance, especially on days with lower work pressure, according to new research from BI Norwegian Business School. Associate Professor Olav Kjellevold Olsen, and colleagues, investigated the relationship between job crafting, playfulness in work, and job performance. Job crafting involves employees redefining their job tasks […]