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Is this thing on? Communications experts reveal tips for public speaking

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Public speaking is a vital skill for most professionals today. You don’t have to be a public figure to need the skills on communication effectively to an audience. Like with any skill, practice makes perfect and there are also easy to follow tips on what to avoid and what to remember to include in your […]

How to present effectively to an in-person and virtual audience

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By Christine Adam, RADA Business Tutor The working world has changed drastically over the past 18 months. The pandemic forced offices to close, and employees adapted to working from home for prolonged periods of time. Whilst many aspects of our lives are beginning to regain a sense of normality, the way we work appears to […]

New virtual programmes designed to help business professionals lead, inspire and connect

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RADA Business, is continuing to expand its virtual performance training by launching three brand new programmes, whilst having already moved another six online to keep up with demand. This announcement comes as many leaders continue to face significant challenges, communicating and managing their teams through uncertain times, remotely. The virtual programmes have each been designed […]

Tips for using your accent as an asset for public speaking

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This multi-national business world we live in is a beautiful thing, especially when people who speak different languages can meet and share ideas. Contrary to popular belief, an accent – no matter what your mother tongue is – can be used to your advantage in public speaking. Here are some great tips from Fast Company […]

There is no need to fear public speaking

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We are increasingly fearful of public speaking because it means risking our group membership, according to cognitive psychologist and business neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw. It is estimated that somewhere between 40-75% of us are afraid of public speaking, supported by the famous survey by RH Bruskin Associates*, which showed that 41% of respondents were afraid […]