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How good are the added-value health and wellbeing services?

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The number of added-value health and wellbeing services is growing exponentially, from access to digital GPs and employee assistance programmes (EAPs) to specialist mental health support and long-term support for physical health. When choosing which ones to provide, RedArc Nurses is calling on insurers and employers to do their due diligence in differentiating these added-value […]

Employers urged to be alert to eating disorders as staff return to offices

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RedArc is warning employers to be aware of a potential rise in the number of employees with new or recurring eating disorders, as staff return to the workplace. RedArc explains that eating disorders are complex and disabling mental health conditions that affect all ages, genders and backgrounds, and include bulimia, binge eating disorder, avoidant/restrictive food […]

Long Covid: ‘Recovery could be prolonged if staff aren’t supported’

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Recovery from Long Covid symptoms could be more prolonged if employees are not supported, according to RedArc Nurses. And the organisation is encouraging employers to ensure any staff who are suffering get the right support and are not left to cope alone. As is becoming evident, Long Covid is not a static condition – it can cause a range of changing neurological, psychiatric and physical symptoms of which there are now over 50 reported. Many areas of the body can be […]