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New mums take nearly six months to readjust after going back to work

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Nearly a quarter of new mums say the workplace is “completely different”when they return to work. A study of 1,000 mothers who have gone back to work after having a baby found 31 per cent found it harder than they expected to return to their job after an average of 10 months maternity leave. And almost […]

‘Employees must play their part in social distancing and safeguarding’

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As businesses return to the workplace following encouragement from the Government, employment law and health and safety experts warn that employees must play their part in adhering to occupational safety measures to ensure, so far as possible, a safe return to work. Government guidance continues to be that if employees can work from home that […]

Coronaphobia: Employees are refusing to come back to work

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Businesses across the UK who are making efforts to get back to work are facing a new uphill struggle – employees claiming stress and anxiety or are simply requesting outright to be furloughed for another three months. Workers who were furloughed back in April are being gradually invited back to work, although some are being […]

Can employees refuse to return to the workplace after lockdown?

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by Kate Palmer, Associate Director of Advisory at Peninsula In normal circumstances, staff refusing to come into work could potentially be treated as misconduct, provided they have no valid reason for doing so. However, the upcoming post-lockdown weeks are set to be far from normal. For many, the prospect of returning to work with the […]