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‘Women are facing harassment every day in online meetings’

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Female employees are facing unacceptable levels of daily sexual harassment in online meetings and in online messaging services, reports a leading employment lawyer. The increase in working remotely has seen a corresponding increase in female staff receiving sexist comments about their appearance on online meetings. Comments have included references to wearing more make-up or wearing […]

FREEDOM DAY: Relaxation of workplace Covid rules will create new stress points for companies

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Employers will from today (Monday July 19th) no longer have to comply with Covid restrictions set by the Government. However, the removal of restrictions does not mean an easy situation for employers. Decisions about how and when to bring staff back into the workplace and how to manage employees who have different views about safety, […]

Flexible furlough means staff can return to work part time – what does it mean for managers?

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Changes introduced by the Government to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) from July 1st will allow employers to bring furloughed staff back into the workplace for part of the week.  It is, says employment lawyer Royds Withy King, an important step towards reintroducing staff back into the workplace before the furlough scheme closes entirely at […]