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Doomscrolling – The New Drug of the 21st Century

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Have you ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through the news, reading one tragic story after another? If so, you’re not alone. This phenomenon, known as “doomscrolling” or “doomsurfing,” has become increasingly common today. We’ve all experienced those moments when we get caught up in the cycle of doomscrolling, unable to tear our eyes away from […]

Computer vision syndrome and how to prevent it in the digital age

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In today’s tech-driven world, it is impossible to avoid screens altogether. Most of us reading this rely on a screen to do our day job, /others unwind in front of the TV, and some are lost without their smartphone. In fact, research has shown that British adults spend 4,866 hours a year staring at screens, […]

Screens leaving Brits struggling to keep their eyes open by 6pm

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Brits are struggling to keep their eyes open by 6pm – after staring at a variety of screens all day. Research into the impact of screen time on eyes revealed the average person looks at a gadget, TV or monitor for more than six hours a day. From scrolling through phones, to working at screens […]

You will spend the equivalent of 34 years staring at screens…

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The average adult will spend the equivalent of 34 years of their lives staring at screens. Research polling 2,000 Brits found more than 4,866 hours a year are spent glued to gadgets such as phones, laptops and televisions. This equates to 301,733 hours over the average adult lifetime of 62 years. Up to three-and-a-half hours […]

UK office workers spending 1,700 hours in front of a computer screen each year – are you one of them?

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Research has revealed that office-based workers in the UK spend close to 1,700 hours per year working at their computer screen. In addition to that, there’s all the screen time clocked up at home, watching TV or browsing on a tablet. In today’s digital age, our ‘screen’ is the main constant in our lives and […]