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‘Women are facing harassment every day in online meetings’

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Female employees are facing unacceptable levels of daily sexual harassment in online meetings and in online messaging services, reports a leading employment lawyer. The increase in working remotely has seen a corresponding increase in female staff receiving sexist comments about their appearance on online meetings. Comments have included references to wearing more make-up or wearing […]

One in three female bosses say sexist behaviour still exists in their organisation

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A YouGov survey for Young Women’s Trust has revealed that a third (33 per cent) of female HR managers agree that sexist behaviour still exists in their organisation and a quarter (25 per cent) of female HR managers agree it is harder for women to progress in their organisation than men. The new research shows nearly one in ten (9 per cent) HR managers reporting that they were aware of young women (aged 18-30) being patronized or […]

Six signs of sexual harassment in your workplace

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By Professor Binna Kandola, Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Pearn Kandola  The sad truth is that there is a formula for getting away with sexual harassment. There are workplace cultures and processes that can be taken advantage of, bosses who can be tempted to turn a blind eye and certain demographics that are easier to victimise. […]

Rights of Women advice line combats sexual harassment at work

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Rights of Women launched the only specialist free legal advice line for women in England and Wales experiencing sexual harassment at work, supported by actor and activist Emma Watson. According to the TUC, as many as 1 in 2 of women have experienced sexual harassment at work. The legal advice will be provided by Rights of […]

Would you consider a hug as workplace harassment?

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More than 300 Ted Baker employees have signed a petition to stop the company’s ‘forced hugging’ policy. In light of this news, do you understand what is acceptable at work and what could be considered harassment behaviour? The idea that a hug could be considered harassment may seem silly for some but it’s no laughing […]

Opinion: Should employers ban office romances in light of the #MeToo movement?

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The #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault is a hashtag on social media that spread virally in October 2017 in an attempt to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. We hear from Kate Palmer, associate director of advice at Peninsula, about the issues that occur in […]

Workplace discrimination effects one in four employees in the UK

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Workplace discrimination has unfortunately been a thing since time began, but with more people than ever speaking out about how they have been discriminated against at work, why are the numbers still so high? Nearly one in four UK employees (23%) have said they have experienced an incident in the past 12 months where they […]

Donald Trump accused of assault by former PA

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The 35-year old former assistant claims the President ‘should be afraid’ despite Twitter denial Donald Trump, President of the United States, has taken to Twitter to deny allegations made by a former receptionist and secretary via the Washington Post yesterday. Alleging an incident in 2006, the then 22-year old Rachel Crooks claims Donald Trump kissed […]

Taking action against sexual harassment

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Karen Holden, solicitor and founder of A City Law Firm, details her tips for employees facing harassment in the workplace.  Further allegations have emerged about sexual harassment cases in Hollywood. Each of the alleged perpetrators (Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner and Jeremy Piven to name a few), have seemingly exploited their status and position […]

20% of women have been sexually harassed at work

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Opinium Research cited that 58% of women who had experienced sexual harassment did not report it to their company. With sexual harassment reports dominating the news in the UK following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Opinium Research has detailed its Britain at Work series. The data revealed that 20% of women have reported sexual harassment in […]

Nearly 2 in 3 young women have experienced sexual harassment at work

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More than half (52%) of women, and nearly two-thirds (63%) of women aged 18-24 years old, said they have experienced sexual harassment at work, according to a new research from the TUC in collaboration with the Everyday Sexism Project published today. The study is the largest of its kind for a generation and cited by […]

Decrease in sexual harassment claims – but it’s not all good news

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A new report by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) shows there has been a 51% drop in sexual harassment and discrimination claims in the last year. That statistic would be good news if not for a 14% increase in calls to the organisation’s helpline seeking advice on harassment at work. According to The […]

How to deal with sexual harassment at work

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The world has come a long way on gender equality, but statistics show one in two women in the UK has been the victim of sexual harassment at work – and that’s not even counting the men who are being preyed upon. Finding yourself in a difficult situation is disheartening and many feel embarrassed about […]