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SMEs need a travel policy too

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Stuart Birkin is Director of Strategic Client Partnerships at Corporate Travel Management UK and award-winning travel management company. He works with a lot of SMEs where PAs and EAs are often responsible for booking the company’s travel. He explains why setting a travel policy is so important for SMEs – it can increase compliance, assist […]

BT launches Digital Marketing Hub to help small businesses

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BT has launched a new digital advertising platform to make it easier for businesses to run their own digital marketing campaigns, helping them to better promote their goods and services online. BT’s Digital Marketing Hub gives businesses the tools and support to create, publish and track their digital advertising across Google, Facebook, and Instagram – […]

Demand for SME office space grows in Central London

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Office space provider WorkPad has seen a significant increase in demand as businesses look to return to London with more flexible office arrangements. The rapid growth of small businesses, which make up 99.9% of the business population, has seen WorkPad receive record numbers of enquiries for working spaces within its 35 buildings in prime London locations. WorkPad reports that […]

Pandemic means SMEs must react to demand and support staff’s health and wellbeing remotely

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SMEs often feel more restricted when it comes to employee benefits in general and healthcare benefits in particular. Whether it is due to budgetary restrictions, lack of options, or scarcity of resources, SMEs may find that they are not able to offer valued employees the rewards they would like. There are, however, options available and […]

Three quarters of SMEs are planning to invest in their business next year

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74 per cent of small and medium-sized enterprises are planning to invest in their business next year – after being more prepared for the second lockdown. As the UK prepares to return to the tier system, a survey of 547 SMEs found 66 per cent felt they were in a better shape for November’s lockdown […]