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      A high-stress job with no freedom might kill you

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      “My job is killing me.” It’s a phrase many of us have uttered at some point in our career, but a new study shows a high-stress job with no freedom might just lead you to an early grave. Researchers at Indiana University Kelley School of Business studied 2300 people from a range of vocations over […]

      World Mental Health Day: Almost half of UK workers know someone who’s had to give up work because of stress

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      Research released in the fourth annual Employee Insight Report from Capita Employee Benefits reveals that almost half of UK workers (44%) know a colleague who has had to give up work because of stress, while more than a third of people (36%) say that colleagues have complained about feeling stressed to their employer, but received […]

      Bad management top cause of stress for UK workers

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      This ‘National Work Life Week’, concerning new research from the UK’s leading independent job site CV-Library has found that more than half of workers (53.2%) report that stress is an issue in their current workplace, with bad management cited as the top cause for increasing pressure. The study, which surveyed 1200 UK workers, found that […]

      Brits know what kind of day they’re going to have by 8.12am

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      Brits know what kind of day they are in for – good or bad – by 8.12am, according to a new study. The main deciding factors for making it a bad one are most likely to be the behaviour of a partner or the boss. Almost two thirds of people believe that just one word […]

      Nearly half of home workers feel they have no one to talk to about stress

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      A recent survey by Viking Direct, one of the largest office product suppliers in the world, has revealed that nearly half of people working from home in the UK suffer from stress and have no one to talk to about it. 67% of office workers, on the other hand, feel like they do have someone to turn […]

      Management behaviour is ‘increasing stress in the workplace’

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      Management behaviour is contributing to rising stress in the workplace, with employees blaming their own bosses for adding to the pressures they feel, new research from MetLife shows. The study shows 69% of employees say that the behaviour of managers in their organisation has increased stress and that the rising pressure is having a major […]

      Study identifies two reasons for burnout

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      A new study conducted at the University of Zurich shows job burnout may be caused by a disconnect between an employee’s needs and the characteristics of his or her job. This mismatch between personality and work environment makes people more prone to burnout. In other words, if you’re an outgoing person and your job inhibits […]

      Anticipation of after-hours emails exhausts employees

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      The introduction of smartphones and tablets has allowed people to stay connected when they’re travelling for meetings. However, a new study shows that the anticipation of receiving after-hours emails is stressing employees out to the point of exhaustion. The study, “Exhausted But Unable to Disconnect” by Leigh University, Virginia Tech and Colorado State University, reveals […]

      British Safety Council launches film showing dangers of stress

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      A powerful new film launched by the British Safety Council shows how stress can lead to injury and fatalities at work. In any activity where concentration is vital for safety, such as working in construction, driving, or in health and social care, stress can be fatal. Stress is often discussed in relation to sickness absence. […]

      Companies ‘need to recruit to help beat stress’

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      Nearly half of all employees say recruitment freezes have left them feeling under-resourced and under-staffed at work, leading to increased stress, research by MetLife Employee Benefits shows. Its study found 46% of employees believe their organisation has not recruited enough since the economic downturn, with 40% saying workplace stress would be reduced if employers took […]