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Working longer hours increases the risk of heart disease

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A decades-long study of nearly 2,000 office workers has revealed a correlation between the number of hours worked and heart health. The results show that working longer hours increases the risk of heart disease. The study by the University of Texas School of Public Health followed 1,926 men and women from 1986 to 2011, keeping […]

Evaluate your ideals to deal with stress

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The word “stress” seems to be synonymous with modern life, especially when it comes to work. But where does it come from and what can we do about it? Zen Habits’ Leo Babauta says we should evaluate our ideals to find the answers. Babauta says the root cause of stress is the mismatch of reality […]

33% turn to comfort food to tackle work stress

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Whilst achieving a good work life balance is a goal for many Brits, new research from marketing intelligence agency Mintel reveals that Britain’s workforce is turning to unhealthy comfort food and drink habits to combat workplace stress. Eating comfort food is the number one thing working Brits have done to tackle work stress in the past 12 months, with […]