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Opinion: Recognising yourself

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Often having the ability to recognise one’s achievements can lead to many significant successes, making it imperative for assistants to do the same. Jade Burke, editor of PA Life, shares why she believes PAs should aspire to recognise themselves. I have never been part of an industry where peers and colleagues truly support one another […]

Event Agency Forum: Julia Charles on why you should listen to your gut and believe in yourself

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Julia Charles, the co-owner of Julia Charles Event Management, transfixed guests today during the opening presentation at the Event Agency Forum in the Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf. She discussed her career to date and how she achieved stand-out success with the help of the BBC show Dragons’ Den, how she lost it all and then […]

Did you waste your full potential?

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Are you working towards your full potential – according to a new survey, most Brits are falling short of what they could achieve. When you first get into the world of work you are excited and filled with dreams, however both work and life become more demanding and your dreams have to take a back […]

Views on maternity leave costing lack of return to work success

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Attitudes to maternity leave can have an enormous affect on return to work success, new research has found. Dublin City University (DCU) Business School discovered that how a mother’s time away is viewed by a line manager and the company as a whole is critical in determining their return success. Businesses that view maternity leave […]

How to recover from a mistake

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We’re all human, which means we all slip up from time to time. But an error rarely spells the end of your career. Here are a few handy hints from Adrian Granzella of The Muse on moving past a professional mistake. Apologise The first thing you must always do immediately following a mistake is apologise […]

Hyperactive people more likely to become an entrepreneur

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New research from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) finds that those diagnosed with hyperactivity, one of the main symptoms of ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – are more likely to be an entrepreneur. Too often hyperactivity is associated with low job performance and a greater chance of becoming unemployed rather than offering […]

Tips for dealing with impostor syndrome

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Have you had a promotion recently or received praise from your boss but don’t feel like you deserve it? You could be suffering from impostor syndrome, a phenomenon in which you can’t internalise your accomplishments and fear you might be found out as a fraud. If this sounds like you, follow these simple tips from […]

Time for change: How to be an adaptable employee

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Things rarely stay the same in the modern business world, especially now that Millennials are taking over and Generation Z is entering the workforce. Just as the chameleon has learned to change its colour to camouflage itself, you too must learn to accept change. It’s now more important than ever to remain flexible at work, […]

Can you really make New Year’s resolutions work?

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It is estimated that 30% of the UK population will make New Year’s resolutions of some kind. That’s approximately 12.4 billion people, and nearly half of those self-promises will relate to health and exercise, the most popular being to lose weight and get fit. Women, more so than men, seem all too familiar with the […]