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The 5 most Googled questions about dressing for the office

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As the rules for working from home are set to be relaxed on July 19th, BrandRated’s stylist Alice Reed answers the most Googled office-wear related questions and offers tips on how to dress comfortably and professionally at the office… The rules surrounding working from home are set to be eased on July 19th, with the […]

Office workers reluctant to give up their slippers and tracksuit bottoms

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Millions of office workers would happily ditch formal office wear for good – with many unwilling to give up their slippers when they eventually return to the workplace. Research of 2,000 adults revealed seven in 10 dream of permanently ditching their shirt and tie and wearing casual attire from now on at work. Almost two thirds even […]

How PAs have influenced the big screen

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The role of the PA is no stranger to the big screen: in films or TV personal assistants are often the people that make the protagonist the hero they are meant to be. Like a well-oiled machine, the on-screen PAs often know what their boss wants, before their boss does. Even though these on-screen assistants […]