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Ten ways to secure employee retention amidst The Great Resignation

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Whilst staying at a company for five, 10 or 20 years used to be perfectly normal protocol, since 2021 The Great Resignation has highlighted what has quietly been happening for the last decade; valuable employees are dictating what will keep them in their role because they are astutely aware of their own value and employers […]

SMEs must compete with large corporates to recruit and retain talent

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With nearly a third of employees expected to look for a new job in the first half of this year, and employment confidence continuing to soar, competition for the best talent is rife. Companies need to demonstrate they are the employer of choice to ensure they do not lose out. This presents a great opportunity […]

WATCH AGAIN: Virtual PA Life Meet Up with People Business

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Last week we hosted a PA Life Virtual Meet Up, ‘People don’t leave their organisation they leave their boss’, in partnership with our friends at People Business – and now you can re-watch the entire session online! The interactive session focused on how you supervise or manage others, introducing the ‘good boss’ concept relevant to those […]