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The Great Resignation

The Great Return to the office risks the start of a Great Resignation

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Employment agency, Reed, is warning employers to think twice before insisting workers return full-time to the workplace – or risk losing and missing out on top talent. There is now a real possibility of The Great Return to the office risking the start of a Great Resignation. The company believes that trying to enforce a […]

Unlimited vacation – the latest tool in the retention toolkit?

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Unlimited Vacation – sounds too good to be true. But is it the grand holiday we want it to be or the latest tool to help retain employees? Kiki Stannard, Managing Director at ZEDRA discusses It’s well known that employers are determined to keep their best and brightest employees, particularly those who work the hardest […]

A four-day working day week pilot goes ahead

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A four-day working week pilot if set to launch on 1 June. But is it going to bring the benefits we hope for?  It’s the date on which an estimated 3,000 employees from 60 businesses will begin a six-month trial of a four-day working week and change the work of work for most of us. […]

Ten ways to secure employee retention amidst The Great Resignation

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Whilst staying at a company for five, 10 or 20 years used to be perfectly normal protocol, since 2021 The Great Resignation has highlighted what has quietly been happening for the last decade; valuable employees are dictating what will keep them in their role because they are astutely aware of their own value and employers […]

WFH may help recruitment but it won’t stem resignations, new research shows

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Organisations looking to stem the tide of the ‘great resignation’ shouldn’t rely on flexible working options alone to retain their top talent. New research reveals that working from home (WFH), flexible working hours and even four-day work weeks, won’t necessarily be enough to keep employees’ resignations at an expected level. Cloud HR software provider CIPHR […]

‘Deluge of unhappy workers’ about to hit…

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New research, ‘The Deluge of Unhappy Workers’, has revealed that employees are unhappier than ever post pandemic. The research was commissioned by Firstup, a leader in digital employee experience and shows a mounting dissatisfaction amongst workforces across the UK, US, Germany, Benelux and the Nordics, with employees feeling undervalued, uninformed, and ununified. A lack of […]