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    Towergate Health & Protection

    Engage staff, or lose them as the economy re-opens

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    Debra Clark, Head of Specialist Consulting at Towergate Health & Protection, warns employers: If you do not engage with your staff, you will lose them… This is particularly important as the economy starts to reopen and people take stock of their working lives. The comment may seem stark following such difficult times during the pandemic, […]

    Employers must be prepared for ‘long Covid’ and the impact on their workforce

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    Towergate Health & Protection is seeing an increase in employers asking about how they can support employees with ‘long Covid’ and this is set to continue. In the UK, 300,000 people have reported Covid symptoms lasting longer than a month. The condition is only just beginning to be understood, and as cases of Covid-19 increase, […]

    Employers must do more to support overseas employees with disabilities

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    Today is the International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD) which aims to promote the rights and wellbeing of people with disabilities. The World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) report on disability states that 15% of the world’s population, more than 1 billion people, are living with a disability. Many of these disabilities are not visible and it is estimated […]

    Managers must put on their own mental wellbeing ‘oxygen mask’ so they can support staff

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    Being top of the tree doesn’t protect people from mental wellbeing issues. In fact it’s the opposite. The mental wellbeing of business owners and managers can often take a back seat as they deal with the responsibilities of managing staff and the business. And this can be magnified for SMEs, where they don’t have the […]

    Mental health on brink of nosedive

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    The impact of Covid-19 on the economy will take its toll on mental wellbeing. Those with existing mental health conditions are predicted to experience more serious and prolonged difficulties, and those that haven’t experienced mental ill-health before are susceptible too as they deal with new pressures. As such, businesses need to be aware that all […]

    Coronavirus: Employers of global staff need to adapt to different pandemic recovery strategies

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    By Sarah Dennis, Head of International at Towergate Health & Protection Whilst we are still amidst the pandemic, comparisons are already being drawn between the success rates of how different countries have managed the Covid-19 outbreak. Some countries are easing lockdown restrictions, whilst others maintain rigid constraints. It is important that organisations with an international […]

    Mental wellbeing ‘biggest health challenge facing businesses’

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    Almost half of employers (49%) say that mental health is the biggest health and wellbeing challenge facing businesses. That’s according to research from Towergate Health & Protection, which says the majority of organisations proactively make provisions to support the mental wellbeing of their employees. 72% offer mental health training for staff, and 76% offer access […]