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How to support Muslim colleagues during Ramadan

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Ramadan has now begun and will thousands of Muslims across the UK fast during the daytime. If you have Muslim colleagues, the TUC has created some excellent guidance on how to support them during this important time for them… Taking a few practical steps to support Muslim workers during Ramadan will help to create a […]

Taking time off work when your child is sick: know your rights

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As Covid cases surge in schools, it is important working parents know their rights to take time off work when their child is sick. The TUC provides some insight… Coronavirus infections among children increased in England in September after schools reopened, according to a study by Imperial College London. Many parents of children who have tested positive […]

Mums are being refused workplace flexibility – new report

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Half of working mums don’t get the flexibility they request at work, according to a new survey published by the TUC and campaigner Mother Pukka. Almost 13,000 mums across the public and private sector responded to the survey about flexible working. One in two (50%) told the TUC that their current employer had rejected or only accepted part of their flexible working request. Current flexible […]

The summer holidays will bring no let up for working mums

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Women have been on the frontline of this crisis – as workers, as carers and as parents. Employers must give them more support. The TUC, which represents trade unions across the UK, has published its findings… As restrictions begin to lift and the summer holidays approach, there is no let up in sight for working […]

Congress Centre to host hybrid Trades Union Congress

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The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has confirmed its 152nd annual Congress will go ahead in 2020 as a hybrid event at Congress Centre. Over 14 – 15 September, thousands of TUC members are expected to tune in online to the discussions and panels hosted at Congress 2020, including a keynote speech from leader of the […]

UK employees ‘hardest working in the EU’

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Workers in the UK are putting in the longest hours in the EU, according to new TUC analysis. Full-time employees in Britain worked an average of 42 hours a week in 2018, nearly two hours more than the EU average – equivalent to an extra two and a half weeks a year. Britain’s “long-hours culture” […]

IWD2019: Six ways to help bridge the gender pay gap in the UK

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A new study by TUC suggests the average woman work for ‘for free’ for the first two months of the year as it has been revealed there is a whopping 17.9 per cent difference in earnings between women and men. The UK’s gender gap has fallen to its lowest level ever for full-time employees at 8.6 per cent, according […]

Is microchipping staff the future?

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With data being one of the greatest commodities for a business to trade on, it’s important for organisations to understand the movements and productivity of their workers. However, is a microchip a step too far? It sounded like an Orwellian nightmare. The Telegraph was the first to announce recently that Swedish firm Biohax was in […]