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Freelancers such as VAs form a cornerstone of the future workplace

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According to insight from global talent acquisition and management firm Alexander Mann Solutions, freelancers will perform an inherently fundamental role in the future workplace as greater numbers of millennials continue to enter the workforce. However, few firms are equipped to attract and manage such a workforce. Market insights indicate that there has been a significant […]

How video game technology is shaping the future of work

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Video games have long been seen as toys – playthings that adults shouldn’t waste their precious time on. Yet the technology coming out of the gaming industry has major implications for the future of work, with virtual reality and multi-user platforms promising more connectivity for international companies and remote employees. Over the past decade, game […]

Something for the boss: how to keep a virtual team cohesive

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Virtual teams are becoming the norm for many businesses. Technology has come a long way to promoting remote working, with some managers looking after people from all over the world. If you or your boss is in charge of a virtual team, here are some top tips for keeping it cohesive. Cultural identity With employees […]

All work and no play?

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All work and no play? An AVirtual survey shows that’s rarely the case for the full-time employed. 57% of business owners believe that outsourcing work to virtual employees is more productive than having full-time in-house staff 1.6 business hours wasted every day by the average employee Sneaky cigarettes and social media are the biggest work-time […]