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    UK office workers spending 1,700 hours in front of a computer screen each year – are you one of them?

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    Research has revealed that office-based workers in the UK spend close to 1,700 hours per year working at their computer screen. In addition to that, there’s all the screen time clocked up at home, watching TV or browsing on a tablet. In today’s digital age, our ‘screen’ is the main constant in our lives and […]

    UK employees ‘hardest working in the EU’

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    Workers in the UK are putting in the longest hours in the EU, according to new TUC analysis. Full-time employees in Britain worked an average of 42 hours a week in 2018, nearly two hours more than the EU average – equivalent to an extra two and a half weeks a year. Britain’s “long-hours culture” […]

    Working hours key to happy employees

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    National Careers Week aims to encourage companies to think about their employees’ wellbeing and happiness and new research has asked British workers about the things they most want from their work. The YouGov surveyof 2,000 adults, commissioned by the Oxford Open Learning Trust, found that while money is predictably the biggest motivator behind career choice […]