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    Should parents be allowed to bring their children to work during summer holidays?

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    By Peninsula Associate Director of Advisory Kate Palmer  The summer holidays can be a struggle for working parents as they look to put in place childcare arrangements whilst the schools are shut.  During this time, employers will likely see an influx of requests for annual leave and may have to not allow some of their […]

    How long does it take you to get ‘back into the saddle’ after the festive break

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    Re-adjusting to early mornings, a mountain of work that piled up over the festive break and dealing with challenging clients are all things that take their toll in early January. The majority of us won’t start functioning properly until almost a full working week has passed, a new study has discovered. The research of 2,000 […]

    Is it time you joined workaholics anonymous?

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    It’s getting harder for people to switch off from their professional personas, especially as an assistant, where your working day doesn’t necessarily end when everyone else’s does. But being a workaholic can cause serious problems to your health and social life. We all take pride in our work, but some people find it difficult to […]

    Flexible working proves hardest subject to broach for employees, says study

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    British workers are least likely to ask an employer about flexible working opportunities when it comes to finding out about workplace benefits, new research has found. The research of 1,500 UK employees, which was conducted by Badenoch & Clark, found 18 per cent of employees felt uncomfortable when asking about flexible hours, despite flexible working […]

    Opinion: Saying ‘no’ to your boss

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    For many assistants, it can take years to develop the skills and knowledge to understand when going the extra mile for your boss is required and when they are just taking liberties. Vincenzo Ferrara asks, when is it okay for an assistant to say ‘no’ to their boss.  A few days ago, I was sat […]

    How using your brain can make your meetings more effective

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    The ‘Four Cs’ model can help leaders host more effective meetings where all the brains in the business are engaged according to Kate Lanz, psychologist, leadership coach and CEO of Mindbridge. Many of the best brains in the business spend much of their days in meetings. So it’s important to create a brain-friendly meeting environment […]

    Do working parents lose out?

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    UK businesses need to do more to help working parents balance their professional lives and family commitments without making staff feel unfairly judged, stressed and anxious. A major new survey of 1,400 working parents by CIPHR.com has revealed that 75% of working parents are suffering from stress and anxiety as a result of trying to […]

    How much time do you actually spend working over a lifetime?

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    Do you feel like you spend more time at work than at home with your family and friends? Well statistically, the hours you spend at the office over a lifetime, may actually confirm this. The average Brit will spend 3,507 full days hard at work during their lifetime – including 204 days of overtime, it […]

    One third of office workers expected to work on Christmas Day

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    Office workers may not be able to enjoy the festive break, with new research revealing one third expect to log on to work and check emails on Christmas Day. The research, which was carried out by TLF Research for tech firm eShare, found that 20 per cent of those interviewed said they will log on […]