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Majority of PAs worried work pressures are affecting their health

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Over 60 per cent of PAs in the UK are worried that workplace stress is affecting their health – with long hours, heavy workloads, disorganised bosses and being constantly ‘on call’ contributing to the pressure they feel. The results of a widescale survey of Personal and Executive Assistants carried out by PA Life were revealed […]

Brits spend up to nine hours a day sat down

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New research has found that 81 per cent of UK office workers spend between four and nine hours each day sitting at their desks, equating to an average of 67 sedentary days per person each year. Fellowes, who conducted the study, discovered that nearly half (45 per cent) of the 1,250 office workers involved in […]

Simple workplace initiatives produce happier and healthier teams

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Employee wellness is being talked about more and more in offices around the UK and the world. Many businesses are shifting focus from other areas in order to keep their employees happy and healthy. The shift has meant that ‘well-being’ initiatives are in the spotlight. Here are a few of our favourites. There are many […]


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A third of workers have lied about their reason for calling in sick, over fears of stigma in the workplace, a study has found. Instead of telling the truth about health problems which mean they need the time off, employees would rather pretend they have a different complaint to their boss or work colleagues. And […]


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Long working hours, tiredness and not enjoying exercise are the top reasons for not keeping fit Is your boss making you unfit? If you work in the travel and transport sectors, research says he/she is. But other professions are also risking their health due to work pressures. Research commissioned by Gympass and exploring the UK’s […]

Team-building challenges boost office happiness

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Not looking forward to your next team-building exercise? A new study from the What Works Centre for Wellbeing has revealed that shared workplace activities are boosting productivity and keeping workforces healthy over time through an improved ‘social atmosphere’. The most successful activities were found to be the ones that involved the whole team, especially people […]

Are you comfortable discussing mental health? PA Life readers respond

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Company cultures may be intimidating workforces into silence without realising, as our readers have spoken out in support of reports that macho culture stops people discussing mental health. The results of our twitter poll revealed that nearly half of you would never discuss mental health at work, although 56% did reveal they’re more than comfortable […]

Men more likely to experience mental health problems in work than women

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‘Macho culture’ in the workplace could be responsible for nearly a third of men suffering from poor mental health, according to new studies. Research by Mind has revealed that men are more than twice as likely to experience mental health in the office than they are socially, and are more than 50% more likely to […]

Work out at work

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Office workers’ sedentary lifestyle poses a risk to their health, says Peter Haling from The Health Quest. Here are his tips for busy PAs to sneak in a bit of exercise at their desk Anyone who’s ever had back pain will know just how debilitating it can be. According to the UK Statistics Authority (2015), […]

Man flu myth busted as women take more sick days each year

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Women workers are more likely to take time out of the office than men, even when it comes to flu, according to new research. A study by FirstCare showed that women have taken nearly three million more sick days than their male counterparts in just the last three months. Tackling absenteeism in the office through […]