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      Navigating the new normal: Five easy ways to encourage collaboration while working apart

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      The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way the world works, and with some UK workers beginning to return to the office, some anticipating a phased return in the coming weeks and others working at home for the foreseeable future, it can be difficult to connect the workforce together. To support workers, flexible office specialist, Workthere, […]

      Top Tips: 10 steps to achieve maximum productivity while WFH

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      Working at home and struggling to maintain productivity? For the majority of Brits currently working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and for those looking to do more home working in the future, flexible office specialist Workthere has 10 tips on how you can create an office space that leads to maximum productivity. Make a […]

      Working from home without a study? Here’s how you can create an office anywhere in your home

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      Working at home, but don’t have a study? From the kitchen to the bedroom, flexible office specialist Workthere has shared top tips on how to create a practical workspace in any room of your home. BedroomThe bedroom is a popular home office, especially if you have housemates and need some time to yourself to work. Although your […]

      Lacking motivation whilst working from home? Listen to these tunes!

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      Flexible office specialist Workthere has created a Spotify playlist for people to listen to whilst working from home to help boost their mood and increase their productivity levels. The playlist includes 50 songs in total including pop, rock and country classics such as:– Simply Red – Stars– Dolly Parton – 9 to 5– Bruno Mars – Uptown […]

      And the most productive working day of the week is…

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      The majority of UK office workers are most productive in the middle of the morning between 10am and 11am. Furthermore, when Workthere asked survey respondents about their productivity, almost a third (31%) said they feel the same level of productiveness every day. However, when breaking the results down on a day-by-day basis, the top three […]

      Bring Take That to the office to improve productivity

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      Two-thirds (66%) of UK office workers think listening to music at work is a ‘must have’, with the top three reasons stated as: mood improvement (35%); increased productivity (25%) and helping them to relax (24%). Research from flexible office specialist Workthere has found that the genres that are the most popular for boosting productivity, are: […]

      Colleagues blowing hot and cold – the big office temperature debate

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      Have you ever felt unproductive at work because the temperature is just too hot for you to concentrate? Ever wrapped up in extra layers to keep warm whilst your colleagues complain they’re too hot? Then it sounds like you’ve been at the centre of the office temperature debate. Flexible office specialist Workthere has conducted research into the age-old office temperature debate. According to this research, […]

      Air con off… windows open.. air con on… windows shut. The joy of office temperature control

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      With the weather doing crazy things over the past couple of weeks, here’s a timely report – and some findings that will resonate with any office worker, and particularly those in office management roles… … according to research, nine out of ten UK office workers lose productivity due to being too hot or cold. And, apparently, ‘office […]