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This training course will equip you with tools and techniques to enable to you to build and maintain confidence to deal with all situations and with different types of management styles. It will enable you to understand yourself better and how to influence others using verbal and non-verbal language. You will be given tips on what, why and how you should communicate with your colleagues and your boss as a strategic business partner so that you will exceed all expectations.

  • Communication the right impression
  • Understanding and using perception
  • Learn how to have instant confidence whenever you need it
  • Building and maintaining confidence to enable excellent communication
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Best practice for email communication
  • Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming; visual, auditory, kinaesthetic
  • Find out about your preferred thought processing style by completing a simple questionnaire
  • Learn about yourself to enable better communication with others
  • Understanding and using verbal and non-verbal communication
  • How to ask effective questions to avoid miscommunication
  • Fun and practical exercise demonstrating listening and body language skills
  • Secrets and tips on how to network successfully
  • Learn a memory aid to help you remember topics you can talk about whilst networking
  • Understanding and communicating your strengths
  • How and what to communicate in appraisals
  • How to communicate effectively with difficult characteristics and management styles
  • Specific steps of conflict resolution and a conflict model using assertive language
  • Learn a quick and effective conflict management technique
  • Internal ‘negative gremlins’ and internal ‘positive coach’
  • Tips on what a strategic business partner assistant will communicate to the boss

Staying organised and focused is of the utmost importance, and Cory will show you how.

Presented by:

Sue France, Trainer, Author & Coach for Admin Professionals –
Sue France Training

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