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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The 3pm slump

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A wave of tiredness, loss of concentration and the seemingly impossible battle to keep your eyes open ? sound familiar? These are the telltale signs for many of us experiencing the impending afternoon office slump. Mornings are normally fraught. You sit down at your desk, the phone rings and before you know it you find […]

How to keep your work travel fresh

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For most of us, travel is almost always for leisure. We?ve booked our two weeks off in the sun for the summer holidays and the travelling is merely an interlude between leaving the office and soaking up some rays on the beach. But for some, travelling is a fact of working life. Whether it?s flying […]

When ‘pocket calls’ go wrong

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The dreaded ?pocket call? ? we?ve all done it. Unknowingly dialling a number and then treating the person at the other end to banal conversation or dreadful singing during the drive to work. No harm done, aside from slight embarrassment. But in a recent case in the United States, an executive assistant was privy to […]