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How to keep your work travel fresh

For most of us, travel is almost always for leisure. We?ve booked our two weeks off in the sun for the summer holidays and the travelling is merely an interlude between leaving the office and soaking up some rays on the beach.

But for some, travelling is a fact of working life. Whether it?s flying abroad for a meeting or taking the train for a week-long conference, if travel becomes routine the novelty certainly wears off and the stress associated with travel can get the better of us

As somebody who travels a lot for work, Suhasini Mehta has come up with a set of tips to make journeys as easy as possible, even for the seasoned traveller.

  • Pack well – Pack only what you need but do pack an extra set of clothes. You could allot some space if you like to shop for local stuff like traditional arts and crafts or even souvenirs. Try and pack clothes that will not get crumpled

  • Dress professionallyIt is important to look your best for meetings. Dress professionally and carry a combination of clothes you can mix and match if you are staying over a few days

  • Maps and addressesYou have set your appointments but make sure you have the updated office addresses and phone numbers in place before going to meetings. Map distances between meetings and the approximate time it will take

  • Organise transport – Make sure your car arrangements have been decided before you land and the driver knows the locations you need to visit

  • Hotel etiquetteIf we are nice to hotel staff, they are nice to us. This is even more important if you are a frequent guest at the hotel. So what if the company?s footing the bill? We still need to behave well and follow the right etiquette

  • Safety precautions – We need to take adequate safety precautions when we travel to a new place. Don?t stay out late by yourself without having checked if it is safe to do so. Go out with people or friends you know. Ladies need to be extra cautious and on alert when travelling to a new city

  • Eat light and stay hydrated – You won?t always have time to eat when you have a packed day running from one meeting to another but it?s important to eat well, eat light and stay hydrated to avoid feeling tired. Carry a snack or a fruit when you leave the hotel in the morning to take care of hunger pangs.

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