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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Suffering from job burnout?

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We often hear the term ?job burnout? in the workplace – the state of chronic stress that leads to exhaustion. According to burnout specialist Ben Fanning, ?With the demands of the global economy, conference calls with coworkers around the globe, and the endless stream of emails, it?s even more likely you?ll hit job burnout early […]

Penelope Alice’s date at Mahiki

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Polynesian for ?Path to the Underworld?, Mahiki in Mayfair is a Polynesian Paradise with an A-list celebrity and royal following. It first opened its doors in 2005 as the brainchild of Piers Adam, David Phelps and Nick House, and has grown to become one of the world?s most famous night spots as well as an institution, […]

The sickness and absenteeism debate

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It?s a debate that rages in offices up and down the country between those who proudly flaunt their immaculate attendance record and those who take a sick day at the mere hint of a sniffle — if you are struck down with an illness, is it better to grin and bear it and make it […]

Practice mindfulness on your commute

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The average Brit has a 54-minute commute and if you?re living or working in or around London, that time is likely to be much more. Commuting for many is not a particularly enjoyable experience. Whether you walk, bus, train or tube, instead of spending those precious minutes grumbling, stressing, sweating, or swearing over bad stop-go […]

Young workforce in for ‘rude awakening’

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Young people entering into the workplace are heading for a ?wake-up call?, according to research by skills and career advisors Find A Future. Nearly nine out of ten parents and teachers (85%) are concerned that young people are heading for a ?rude awakening? once they begin work because they are not used to losing or […]