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Young workforce in for ‘rude awakening’

Young people entering into the workplace are heading for a ?wake-up call?, according to research by skills and career advisors Find A Future.

Nearly nine out of ten parents and teachers (85%) are concerned that young people are heading for a ?rude awakening? once they begin work because they are not used to losing or competing against others. Nearly two-thirds (62%) of parents also say the school their child goes to could be doing more to encourage competitive behaviour.

The report went on to confirm that nearly a quarter (23%) of parents said they have complained to their child?s school because there is not enough emphasis on competition and winning and losing.

Carole Stott, chair of Find a Future, said: ?We must ensure young people are adequately prepared for their working life. Whether they are competing for a job or for a promotion, or helping their employer win new business, learning how to deal with success or failure effectively is vital to help young people learn and develop their business acumen.

The research also reveals that one third of parents and teachers believe that children who have competed against others during their school life will go on to perform better and succeed in their work life. Competition is also seen to help build the ?soft? skills required to succeed at work ? parents believe that children who have taken part in challenges will be more ambitious (51%) and successful (41%) whether they win or lose.

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