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Friday, August 14, 2015

Penelope Alice’s date with ETM Group

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Happy Friday All! As I write this I am on my third coffee of the day ? how come you may ask? Well last night I experienced the full hospitality of the ETM Group ? the fabulous hosts of our exclusive ?Gastro Gallop? evening – which consisted of four PA Club members visiting four ETM venues and sampling […]

UK businesses lose £56 billion to poor training

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Research by Scottish start-up Create eLearning shows that as much as ?56 billion is being lost in the UK every year to replace staff who leave their jobs due to poor training. With 40% of staff who receive poor or no training leaving a firm within a year, bringing in a comprehensive learning programme that […]

Ex-PA sues Stan Lee for ‘severe’ mental abuse

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Another week and another celebrity v. ex-personal assistant lawsuit story is leaking out of Hollywood. Stan Lee, the Marvel comics mogul, and his wife and daughter are facing a lawsuit from a former personal assistant who alleges he was verbally abused while working for the family.The Spider-Man creator?s ex-PA Shawn Lukaszewicz claims he was subjected […]

Admin jobs most sought after in UK

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According to new data provided by the UK?s leading independent job board CV-Library, the administration sector has the highest level of competition, with 57.3 applicants per job across the UK. Coming in second was the customer services sector with an average of 37 applicants per job, closely followed by the Distribution sector with 36.2. Lee […]

New figures show UK workers are in need of excitement

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More than one in three (35%) office workers in the UK have admitted to finding their work away days boring, with over a third (37%) confessing they actually dread them, according to new statistics released by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).    Worryingly, more than one in nine office workers (12%) have even said that […]

The death of the packed lunch

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The homemade packed lunch is becoming a thing of the past with fewer than one in 20 workers bringing their own lunch to work. According to, this means employees are turning to unhealthy snack foods or are missing out on a midday meal altogether, resulting in health and productivity issues that could hit company […]