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Monday, August 17, 2015

CEOs earn 183 times more than average workers

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The average FTSE 100 CEO?s pay climbed to ?4.964 million in 2014 – a staggering 183 times more than the average-earning worker in the UK, according to research by the think tank the High Pay Centre. The study also found that the 10 highest-paid CEOs were paid more than ?156 million between them. Despite this, […]

Mobile phone & internet use linked to poor attention span

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Heavy internet and mobile phone users are the most likely to lose concentration and forget important information – even when they?re not using the technology, a new study, published in the US journal Computers In Human Behaviour, suggests. It is not all down to the Internet and social media, as you would initially think, as […]

Businesses show lack of care for staff wellbeing

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Less than half of businesses believe they have a duty of care to employee health, according to a recently released report from Morgan Redwood, with only 46% of firms regarding staff health as an employer?s responsibility. This is despite the fact that 82.8% of companies believe that business performance and staff wellbeing are connected. The […]

London Executive Offices acquires The Sugar Building from Amsprop

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London Executive Offices has acquired The Sugar Building at 5 Cheapside next to St Paul?s Cathedral from Amsprop, Lord Sugar?s privately owned real estate vehicle. The octagonal office building, 40,126 sq. ft. in total over seven floors, has been acquired on a 15-year lease at an undisclosed rent. London Executive Offices, the capital?s most exclusive […]

Flexible working on the rise

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With the latest Office for National Statistics figures revealing that 39.3 million adults are accessing the internet every day, the amount of employees demanding flexible working will only continue to rise as people have increasing access to high-quality internet. Companies must adapt to this change in work culture or they risk damaging growth and staff […]

London workers ‘too busy’ to attend health appointments

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Nearly two thirds (64%) of London-based workers have admitted they regularly book a whole day?s holiday to attend a health appointment – such as with a GP, dentist or physiotherapist – because they are too busy to attend during the working day, according to a Bupa study. A further quarter (28%) of the capital?s time-poor […]