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Flexible working on the rise

With the latest Office for National Statistics figures revealing that 39.3 million adults are accessing the internet every day, the amount of employees demanding flexible working will only continue to rise as people have increasing access to high-quality internet.

Companies must adapt to this change in work culture or they risk damaging growth and staff morale, workplace technology specialist Condeco Software warns.

ONS figures released recently show that 86% of households have access to the internet, making it easier for people to work remotely. Businesses that create a technology-powered hybrid office will see productivity rise, by catering for both employees who want to work flexibly and the needs of those that require a fixed desk to complete their tasks.

In fact research from Ernst & Young (EY) discovered that ?8.5 billion could be added to the UK economy by introducing flexible working, through more productive use of available flexible working hours. The research revealed that two out of three firms say flexible working helps motivation, commitment and employee relations.

The report by EY revealed that 8.7 million people in the UK want flexible working, while 82% of managers believe that flexible working benefits their business.

The office itself has become a more dynamic and fluid place, with increased use of flexible desk arrangements and specific spaces to support different work styles, such as quiet work or group collaboration. Condeco Software is working with 30 of the FTSE 100 companies to help these leading businesses adapt to this changing landscape.