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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Introducing the Munch Food Company

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Keith Goddard Catering is proud to introduce Munch Food Company as its brand that will focus on delivering the ultimate nutritional lunches. This is a premium yet affordable delivery service, featuring delicious food prepared by Keith Goddard and his expert team of chefs that is ideal for boardroom meetings. From healthy lunch boxes to laying […]

Six rules for office communication

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Our constant connection to social media has caused a cultural change in the way we communicate, which can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations at work. Journalist, author and faculty member at The School of Life John-Paul Flintoff, writing for the Evening Standard, recently presented six ways to take back control of communication at the office. […]

How to banish the winter blues

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Winter blues. Winter depression. Call it what you will, seasonal affective disorder is a common affliction that causes depressive symptoms during the colder months. Employers may notice a decrease in staff morale, energy and productivity, but there are ways to combat it, according to David Price, Managing Director of Health Assured. Price says keeping employees […]

A quarter of Brits only get five hours of sleep a night

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A recent survey conducted by the University of Leeds shows that a quarter of the UK’s workforce is only getting five hours of sleep or less every night. Psychologists say this striking figure is a result of the growing pressures of work and family life. The research, which was funded by Silentnight beds, asked 1,024 […]